Escape Kit

A digital waiver and marketing tool built to solve the unique challenges of the escape room industry.


  • Built with Python/Django along with vanilla JS and React on the front end. Deployed on PythonAnywhere with PostgreSQL.
  • Fully responsive digital waiver with wide browser compatibility and a focus on design. Heavy use of css transitions while keeping an eye on performance to preserve smooth transitions. Backend allows users to customize style, input fields, form validation and text. Generates pdf of waiver and emails to customers after signing. Available in English, French and Spanish.
  • A link to the “debrief page” (built with React and Material UI) gets emailed and texted to customers after their game. The debrief page builder (desktop only) allows users to customize the content and text of their debrief page.
  • Embeddable widget allows users to install and customize the leaderboard on their website. See it in action on my personal site here.
  • Data visualization using Chart.js and data analysis using NumPy and pandas.
  • Integrations with Twilio, SendGrid, Facebook, Mailchimp, Stripe, and AWS (S3, SES, Lambda).